Temporo-mandibular joint disease (CMD)

Disorders of the temporo-mandibular or cranio-mandibular joint, or CMD, are related to the chewing system.

Disorders of the temporo-mandibular or cranio-mandibular joint, or CMD, are related to the chewing system. When chewing, the teeth and arches must be in harmony. When this does not happen, the jaw muscles are subjected to incorrect strain and cause discomfort to the entire musculoskeletal system. As a rule, pain in the chewing muscle, persistent headache and back pain, as well as dizziness, but also neck tension or tinnitus are typical of an existing CMD.

Due to the muscular and nerve connections, symptoms often extend to the whole body. Because the symptoms are so varied, a diagnosis of CMD is often made very late.

Successful therapy can only be made possible by accurately determining the cause or as often happens, the causes of pain. In our practice, we attach great importance to a thorough diagnosis. For this we use instrumental functional analysis. This procedure allows us to visualize the misalignment of the jaw and teeth. Based on these recordings we then create your individual treatment plan.
The most used therapy in CMD treatment is the so-called splint therapy. A customized splint is made, which briefly minimizes the causes of cranio-mandibular dysfunction and relieves symptoms. Prolonged use of the occlusal splint contributes decisively to the restoration of the correct function of the masticatory system by permanently relaxing the jaw muscles.

In this way it is also possible to reduce the consequent grinding of the teeth, or bruxism, and the consequent severe wear of the teeth. Splint therapy is very effective and greatly relieves pain for the patient. An interdisciplinary approach is essential for the optimal success of the therapy in order to diagnose or treat any physical causes, collaborating with specialists in the sectors concerned.
Moreover, nowadays, constant exposure to electronic devices such as smartphones and computers only worsens posture and encourages this kind of ailments.

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