Orthodontics for adults with Invisalign

A special focus of our practice is the orthodontic treatment of adults.

A special focus of our practice is the orthodontic treatment of adults. Thanks to the latest techniques and procedures, a wide range of both medical and aesthetic treatments is now available.

Many adults want to have a bright smile in everyday life, but they do not want the fixed braces, therefore classic measures are rarely used. To meet the most diverse needs and at the same time ensure an optimal result, our practice offers correction with so-called invisible braces.
The structure of Invisalign consists of very thin transparent plastic splints, the so-called "aligners".

Thanks to a computer-based process, these are made individually for each patient. The transparent splints are then worn like a classic appliance and in a few weeks adapted to the new dental situation. In this way, misaligned teeth are corrected effectively and lastingly.
Treating misaligned teeth with Invisalign offers a highly valued customer service.

The plastic rails are completely invisible and create no impediment to speaking. In addition, they can be easily removed at any time for food intake and on special occasions. Nothing stands in the way of careful teeth cleaning and maintenance of dental health.

Don’t hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions or concerns. We are waiting for you.

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