Whitening consists of professional teeth whitening.

Whitening consists of professional teeth whitening.

During the whitening treatment, discolorations that could not be removed with domestic and professional teeth cleaning are also removed. A highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide paste is used, which is applied to the teeth. With the help of a special heating lamp, the effects of hydrogen peroxide are enhanced to offer an optimal result already after the first session.

perfect-smile-with-white-teeth-closeup=After an exposure time of a few minutes, the teeth are first cleaned and polished, then hydrogen peroxide is applied. This protects the teeth from acidic and staining foods.
One to three whitening treatments are recommended for optimal results.
The treatment can then be performed regularly every two years or so.
Before each teeth whitening, it is recommended to perform a professional teeth cleaning. Dental plaque and external discoloration can be removed early, and hydrogen peroxide can therefore work best. A uniform and spotless result is guaranteed.

There is also an "At-home" whitening treatment, thanks to the supply of individual masks, containing a calibrated percentage of hydrogen peroxide (usually lower than that used in the "In Office" technique) to be worn for a predetermined time. This type of treatment clearly takes longer than the practice treatment.

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